Monday, September 19, 2005

The Fad-Driven Church

For several years I've been greatly distressed about the state of the Evangelical movement. Not only has doctrine become more and more watered-down to make it "less-offensive" to the masses, but it seems that every few months there is a new "program" that is the latest hot thing to make your church more "relevant" to the culture. And usually there's a marketing campaign that's just waiting to follow closely behind it. The latest is of course, "The Purpose-Driven Life" which proponents have bragged cites "over 1000 verses of Scripture". Trouble is, a good number of them are used totally out of context or use the translation that best supports the idea at hand. My appraisal of the book was that it begins with the statement, "It's not about you" and then the rest of the book is spent showing how it is totally about you. This of course is just the latest Christian mega-marketing machine success following such gems as "The Prayer Of Jabez", The Willow Creek association, the Church Growth movement,, ad infinitum. The latest potential "next big thing" is the so-called "Emergent Church". It's enough to make one physically sick. As if 5 minutes of watching TBN weren't already enough. Phil Johnson at Pyromaniac has an excellent series of insights into the crisis of the evangelical Church here, here, here, and here. It's time the Church got back to being the Church of Jesus Christ instead of the Church of the man-centered culture. More to come later when I've had more sleep.

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Joe said...

How very true!

So many of the church's "problems" could be solved if we would just get our minds off of self and get our focus on the person of Jesus.

His "true" church will prevail, because the gates of Hell will not prevail against it.

In the mean time, we must help our people keep their eyes on Christ.

Thanks for a good post...(I read Pyromaniac daily and appreciate Phil's insights).